This Tube Is Your Tube, This Tube Is My Tube…

Coming from someone who has been very critical about the rise of online content and social networking since the start of the course, I admit that I, myself am not “Saint Amish” in this whole situation and visit sites such as Facebook and Youtube on a daily basis. Now-a-days I consume alot more of Youtube than I contribute to it, though back around 2007-2009 I would put out a new video once a week (sometimes more) as I had a job with the online vlog: Pro Wresting Report. In 2013 I pretty much just like to watch the videos, and apparently most people agree with me since “according to 2007 statistics, only between 0.5 %– 1.5 % users of most popular social media sites (Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia) contributed their own content. Others remained consumers of the content produced by this 0.5 – 1.5%” (Manovich, 2008). The most popular videos on the website tend to come from either popular musicians, and their music videos (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, ect.) or web series that have been running for several years and have gained a fan following (Fred, Smosh, ect.).

Manovich’s article also says that people tend to use sites like Youtube to “remix” videos and turn them into their own. This is a very true statement and questions the true personal originality of 90% of the video’s on Youtube. Most of them are just fan made music videos of their favourite songs and/or films. People say that because of digital technology, making a movie is easier than ever in this day and age, and this is very true, yet people choose to take copyrighted content, remix it, maybe add some pictures or a background and then claim it as their own on their personal Youtube page. Of the millions of videos on Youtube, only a handful of them are original, the rest are all “Frankensteins”.” (For those of you who don’t get this comparison, Frankenstein is a monster that was made up of bits and pieces of different things).


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